Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New year, same DT!!

Yes, I've been invited for a 2nd term on TPBP DT!!  I was so happy to find out that we were all invited to stay!!!  This time my DT package came nice and dry with no holes!! WooHoo!! hahaha.  Ok so CHA is in town so Beverly and Janet are in town!!! I decided to make them a small gift for when I meet them but sadly, I missed Janet =(  But I was so happy to see Beverly and meet her friends!  I was also glad to see that Beverly had liked her gift!! Score hehe. I am currently uploading the video for this and it is taking a LONG time due to the quality.  But please visit my Youtube channel and watch my video(s).
Balsa box #1

Balsa box #2

The following are very small minis that go inside the mini album.

Here are the products used, hope this helps you all =)
French Guipure Hearts 5729 in white: Currently sold out but she does have PinkBlack, and Red
Tulle Pleated Trim By Maya Road in Pink: Sold Out but she does have the following colors available: Milk and Earl Grey

Monday, January 14, 2013

One of Dave's mom's gifts

Here is a beautifully molded frame I embellished for Dave's mom who btw loved it because I also put a picture of Dave and I in it. Embellishing frames are so fun and honestly the easiest thing you'll ever do!! I just love these types of frames that have some molding or interesting colors and designs on them because it gives me direction of how I should embellish. I hope you try this too =) Oh and if you noticed the change in video quality, it's because Dave bought me a new camera for Christmas!!! I love it so much!!! I cried when I opened it and he was confused! hhahahahahaha I guess some men don't know tears of joy when they see it.

Swap time!!

Yes, it's another swap with my Vegas girl Sabrina (yt: Craftychica87). We made a Christmas tree out of a paper mache cone, made a card, and stocking. The tree and stocking were not as challenging as I thought because I some how by the grace of the powers that be finished it with great result. I was very happy with how it turned out! Please check out the video for details =)

Beverly's b-day gift.

The ladies in the DT all agreed to taking part in a collective effort to make make a mini album for Beverly. Everyone's page came out so beautiful. I gotta say...I feel pretty lucky to be part of this group of phenoms!!!

Playing Catch...UP!

Now that the holidays have come and gone I really need to start updating my blog!!  Ok so I will do seperate posts of a couple of projects I've done since my Nov post.  Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and for those of you who went to CHA!!!
Ok, in this post will be my Christmas banner I made as TPBP DT project.  This is the first home decor piece I've made that I've hung up in our place.  I really loved how it added a feeling of festivity to our living space.  Here is the video of the banner because I did not have much time to take pics.