Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mini album in Kerr jar!!!

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having a good summer and staying cool.  Today I am showing my mini album in a jar.  I didn't find much online about this so I just winged it with the binding.  I think it came out cute.  I must try another one with a bigger jar.  This will be my eye candy in my office.  I am free to decorate my office how ever I like.  I've thought about a "Decorate my office challenge" but there seems to be so many other challenges out there right now...don't know if the crafty public are all challenged out.

Items used:
Sitting birds in vintage pink
White silk ribbon
Celery silk ribbon
Ocean blue burlap trim
Celery fabric flower trim
Pale yellow flower fabric trim
Embroidered sheer scallop dot lace
Mini daisy venise lace in pink
Large candy diamond gem in light blue
Taupe silk ribbon
Venise dot lace in cream
Venise lace in cream
Floral venise lace in white
Dusty rose flower trim out of stock here's deep mauve
Large candy diamond gem in celery
Webster's pages accent frame in light pink out of stock here's coral
Organza flower trim in cream and brown

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL, Van! What a wonderful and creative idea!