Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not your typical card box

A close friend to Dave and I asked if I can make a card box for her and her huband's 20th wedding anniversary/vow renewel ceremony.  I had 2 ideas in my head and decided with the 2nd idea.  Stacked books!  I tied in the titles of the books to their names and their children's names and even threw in their 1st wedding photo for wow factor.  Needless to say, the couple loved it and could not believe what they saw.  My friend was on the verge of tears.  That is the best price anyone can pay me when giving them something like this.  Someone's appreciation is all I hope for when I make something for them.  So naturally the night turned out be a fun time with friends who are practically family. It was a magical seriously, they had a magician there!! He was awesome but when he tried his magic on me, it wasn't happening! He couldn't guess my card right and tried to convince me that I saw the card he guessed. No buddy! hahaha Anyway, another toast to the happiest couple:   Happy 20 years to you Lee and Silvia!!

Mmmmk so here are the list of products used:

And I leave you with a moment from last night... epitome of love!

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