Friday, September 14, 2012

Unexpected treasure!!

I decided to visit a local "2nd hand" store on Tuesday called The Living Room Emporium and I am so glad I did!!  I've passed by this place so many times but never bothered to step in.  This place is a small place of heaven...vintage heaven!!  They've got everything vintage, from buttons to refrigerators!!  Although some things were quit expensive, some were actually really reasonably priced.  The owners are so nice and very involved with the community.  I'm even thinking of having some of my creations sold there for consignment!  Anyway, I left the place with 2 wonderful treasures.  First was a book called Linens and Lace which is about the history, different types, and how to care for linens and lace!!  It was such a good book, full of pictures and ideas!!  The 2nd treasure I got was more like a friend.  My new friend happens to be a bear but he's not just any bear and you can see why.

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